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What function is performed by CU(control unit ) : Calculation, Writing Data, Controlling data, Performed logical operation
CD write is a /an : Output device, Input device, I/O device, Storage device
According to Demorgan Law what A + B equal to : A + B, A.B, A+B, A.B
What is the icon "MyComputer" on Desktop an example of ? Application Icon, Driven icon, File icon, System icon
Which of the following statement transfers the control un conditionally ? For…. Next, ON GOTO, GOTO, If then
What is +0.66E……4 an example of ? Numerical data, Alphabetic data , Alphanumerical data, Integer data
what is 2s complement of 000 ? 1, 101, 100, 0
Which one is NOT a non impact printer ? Dot Matrix, Ink jet, Laser, Electrostic
What is 1 mega byte equal to ? 1024 Bytes, 1024 Kilo Bytes, 1024 Giga bytes, 1024 tere bytes
What is another name given to build in function ? Liabary, String, User defined, Class
How much data can a 16 bit bus transfer ? 1 Byte, 4 Byte, 3 Byte, 2 Byte
What is the picture on computer screen composed of : lines, Circles, Pixels, Dot