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Blooms in pond giving unpleasant odour are due to : Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Cocci, Cyanobacteria
Members of Phylum phaeophyta possess which one of the following colour : Brown, Green, Red, Yellow
Slime molders are fungus-like protists and can grow well on : Moist piece of bread, Decaying logs, Other living plants, Rotten fruite
Which of the following is NOT an example of imperfect fungi ? Aspergillus, Penicillium, Saccharomycer, Alteraria
The family FABACEAE has great economic importance Glycine, Abrus , Butea, Clitoria
The Cyclostomata differ from other Vertbrate fishes in not having : Gill-slits, Jaws, Endoskeletron, Central nervous system
Which one of the following is not a Reptile ? Lizard, Snake, Tuatra, Salmandar
Birds crush and grind their food in their : Gizzards, Crops, Mouths, Intestines
The squeezing of food along the alimentary canal is caused by peristalsis consisting of waves of contration and relaxation of : Circular muscles, Circular and Longitudinal muscles, Longitudinal muscles, Longitudinal and oblique
All spinal nerves are : Sensory, Motor, Mixed, None Of These
Secretors have dominant gene se on chromsome no : 9, 19, 7, None Of These
XO in dorsophila is a : Sterile female, Sterile Male, Fertile Female, None Of These
The closing of tulip flower at night is a : Sleep movement, Thigmotropism, Longitudinal muscles, None Of These