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Which of the following sampes contains the largest number of atoms ? 1 g of Ni(s), 1g of ca(s), 1 gof n2, 1 g of b (s)
A real gas most closely approches the behaviou of an ideal gas at : 15 atm and 200 K, 1 atm and 273 K, 1 atm and 298 K, 0.50 atm and 500 k
The root mean square velocity of the moleculars in a sample of gas is proportional to : The molecular weight of the gas , The absolute temperature, The reciprocal of the molecular weigh
Isomorphism is the phenomenon in which two different compound exist in the same crystalline form which of the these substance are not the isorphs of one other NaNO3,KNO3, ZnSo4,NISO4, NaF,MgO, AgNO3,CaCo3
Which law does the process of solvent extraction follow ? Law mass action, Disribution law, Law of conservation of mass, Boyls law
The normal Boiling point of liquid : Is the temperature at which liquid and vapour pressure, Varies with atomic pressure , Is the temerat
If the electron in a hydrogen atom from n =6 to n =4 level in which series of lines in the spectrum of atomic hydrogen will the emitted radiation lie ? Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Bracket
What is the energy in joule of a photon of IR light with waves length 4 X 10 3 nm ? 5 X 10 ^ -20, 7.5 X 10 ^ 20, 4 X 10 ^ 16 , 2.5 X 10 ^ -14
in which of the following molecule does the centure atom use sp2 hybird orbital is forming bond : Boron tri chloride, Beryllium di chloride, Ammonia, Water
For the reaction : C2H5Oh + 3 O 2CO2 g + 3H 2O what would be the charge oin enthalpy be termed as ? Enthalpy of reaction, Enthalpy of Formation, Enthalpy of atomization, Enthalpy of combustion
What will be the oxidation number of chromium in K2 Cr2O2 and CrCl3 ? 6 and 3 , 6 and 6, 3 and 6 , 3 and 3
The equilibrium constant ? is the ratio of rate constants odf product and reactants.if equilibium Kc is very large this will indicate the reaction is : Almost complete, Proceeeding in a backward direction, Proceeding vey little in the forward directio
Which of the following the example of an endothermic process ? KNO in water, NaCl in water, LiCl in water, Li2CO3 in water
Which of the following reaction is an example of homogeneous catalysis ? 2 SO2 + O2 ? 2 SO3, N2 + 3 H2 ? 2 NH3, CH2 = CH3 + H 2 ? Ch3 -CH3, 4 HCl +O2 ? 2 H2O +2Cl
The electronic configuration of an element X is 1S2 2 S2 2 p4 3S2 2P3 what would be the formula of the most probable compound this element will form with calcium,Ca ? CaX, Ca2X2, Ca3X2, CaX3
Which one of the following element burns in air to form an oxide which when shaken with water,gives a solution with pH greater then ? Carbon, Magnesium, Sulphur, Hydrogen
Which one of the following compounds is a hydroCarbon ? Ethyl alcohol , Dimethyl ether, Butyraldehyde, Acetylene
Sulphuric acid acts as dehydrating agent in the reaction with : Formic acid, Zinc , Copper, Sodium hydroxide
Which carbohydrate can be used for Silvering of Mirror ? Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, All of these
Which one of the following uses is not correctly related to halogen ? Flourine-Teflon, Chlorine- bleaching, Bromine PVC Plastic, Iodine -iodex