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What is a computers main function ? To convert information into storage, To convert Data into Information, To display date, To create da
What does CPU stand for : Central Processing unit, Central Product Unit, Computing program Usage, Central Programming Unit
How many keys does a standard keyboard used in personal computer have ? 110, 115, 111, 102
Which of the following is NOT a category of network : WAN, LAN, MAN, NAN
What do we call a network that covers a limited geographic distance such as an office ? Centralized , Distributed, Local area, Wide area
What is the topology used for a small number of computers called : Star, Bus, Mesh, Ring
Which of the following protocols were propely researched,designed and finally published as standard ? Defecto, Dejure, ISO, CCIT
Which of the following techniques uses modulation ? Bandwidth, Broadband, Baseband, None Of These
Which of the following communication medium requires "line-of-sight" ? Microwaves, Fiber Optics, Twisted pair, Coanial Cable
What does communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ? Simplex, Half duplex , Full Duplex, All of these
Which of the following is NOT an example of e -commerce : Electronic banking, Electronic shopping, Online chatting, Online education
What is the temporory storage area with in the CPU called : Register, ALU, ROMS, RAM
What is the set of elecrical paths used to transfred data called : BUS, Monitors, Computer Clock, None Of These
Which of the following media can be used to transfer data called : Floppy diskette, Zip disk, Tape device, All of these
Which of the following is based on NT technology ? Window 2000, Windows 98, Windows 3.1, Win 95
The first character of variable name must be a ------ : Number, Alphabet, Underscore, None Of These
In Visual Basic following operator is used for interger division : /, \, Mod, ^
The variables that retain their values after the termination of the procedure are ---- : Local Variable, Static Variables, Variant Variables , None Of These
A label control is used to ----- : Enter text, Display text, Edit text, Select an option
Which of the following object is used to store data in Accesss ? Data sheet, Forms, Tables, Reports
A Collection of data that consists of name ,address amd email of a person is called : Byte, Record, Character, field