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which of the following is a dimensionless quanity ? Stress, Pressure, Surface tension, Strain
When a vector A is added to its negative A what is the resultant vector : 2A, A, O, Zero
If a body moves toward the earth neglecting air resistance and small changes in acceleration with altitude what is such motion called : Gravitational, Uniform, Free wall, Rectilinear
What never changes when two or more object collide in an isolated system : Kinetic energy of each one, Momentum of eaach one , Total momentium of all object , Total kinetic en
Which one is NOT the unit of work ? Joule, Nm, Kgms-1, Watts sec
When do high tides occur in the ocean ? When sun is in between moon and earth, On a rainy day, When there is full moon , During day time
The magnetic flux created in an area 2 m2 which lies at an angle of 60° to 0.25 is : 0.25 wb, 2 T, 0.2 T, 2 wb
For a human eye the sunlight form a : Lines spectrum, Emission spectrum, Continuous spectrum, None Of These
How much does the velocity of sound changes for every one degree chang in temperature : 61 m/s, 61 Cm/s, 0.61 cm/s, 6.1 m/s
The common observation that sound can be heard around corner whereas light cant be seen around corners suggestthat sound waves : Have greater amplitude then light, Have longer wavelength then light, Have Higher wavelength then li