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What proportion of energy in aman dody is used to maintainthe body temperature constant ? zero %, 0.34, 0.66, 0.43
Ibn-al-Haitham is a well know Muslim scientist.He became famous because : He describe blood circulation in human body, of his contribution toward studies in optics, He wrote
In comparison with the surrounding air the arterial blood in human lungs has : Less oxygen and more CO2, More oxygen less CO2, More water and less then CO2, Oxygen and CO2 is equa
What of the following regulates the balance of water and opening of stomata ? Ca ++, Mg++, K++, Fe++
Which parts of frog s brain is associated with the sense of smell ? Hind brain, Fore brain, Mild brain, Posterior part of brain
Write the correct sequence of the units of classification: Genus ---->class---->Family--->order, Genus ---->Family---->Order--->Class, Family ---->Genus--->ord
Which phylum does Cuttle fish belongs to ? Arthropode, Chordata, Mollusca, Coelenterate
The production of urea increase when the diet contain large amount of : Fats, Cellulose, Carbon hydride, Proteins
Who disproved the theory of spontaneous generation : Pasteur, Oparin, Spallanzani, Redi
Which of the following required energy to move the molecule : Active transports, Osmosis, Passive transport, Diffusion
Which of the following is an example of an organic compound ? H2o, CO2, C6H12O6, NH3