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In phlogiston theory when a substance is burant the phlogiston escapes into air : Iron pyrite, Royal water, Calx, Calcination
When solution of copper Sulphate is treated with magnesium metal what will happen to the blue colour or copper Sulphate ? Turn pink, Discharged, Turn light pink, No changes
An atom is like a positively charged ball studied with negatively charged electron at some place? Bohr atomic, Rutherford atomic model, Hunds model, Plum pudding model
A very small unit of length used to measure the atomic radius as 10-9 part of a meter is called : Nanometer, Millimeter, Picometer, None Of These
Which one of molecule /ions given below has the highest polarity between atoms ? H -Cl, O -H, CO2, H - H
In winter sea water is frozen forming an ice layer which float over water .Beneath it aquatic animals enjoy this happen because the ice layer behave as : Good conductor of heat, Bad conductor of heat, Parially conductor of hear , None Of These
Solute ions surrounding by solvent molecule in a Solution are called hydrate ions.what will this process be called ? hydrolysis, Hydration, Hydrated, Solvation
In an acid base titration using phenolphthalein as an indicator.we observe light pink colour at one stage ? Reaction will be complete in a while , Reaction is proceeding, Reaction is completed, Reaction is ju
What is the best and cheapest method for sterilization of water that is also most effect in destroying pathogenic bacteria ? Boiling water, Clarks method, Ion exchange method, chlorination
Tyres are used automobiles they are usally black in colour an stiff what is the substance that gives them such properties ? Rubber, Activated charcoal, Carbon block, carbon wood
Carbon monoxide is very dangerous for health and cause suffocation.this happens when absoration of oxygen in blood is hindered ? Carbon monoxide itself, Carboxy haemolobin, Carbox carbon monoxide, Haemoglobin
Gold and Platium are not dissloved even all the storng acid except aquea regia which 3:1 mixture of Hcl and HNO3 : Clorine gas formation, Greater amount of HCl, Formation of soluble ions, Formation of soluble chlor
Iodized table is salt is obtained mixing ---- potassium iodide weight in common salt : 0.02% Potassium iodide, 0.02% Potassium iodide, 0.02% Potassium Chloride, 0.025% Potassium Choloride