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Lamguage processors are the example of : Application software, Firmware, System software, Shareware
What is a port that provide a connection for Transmitting data one bit a time called ? Parallel Port, serial Port , Expansion Port , USB Port
An ink-jet printer is an example of : Impact printer, LCD Printer, NON-Impact printer, Laser Printer
In hard disk the time require to position the access arm over a particles track is known as ? Data transfer time, Seek times, Rotational times, Access time
What is the organized -form of data known as ? Datum, Processing, Information, Strings
In Boolean Algebra AND operation represent logical -------- : Subtraction, Addition, Division, Multiplaication
What is making illegal copies of copyrighted software called : Software copying, Plagiarism, Software piracy, E-Fraud
in Windows where is start Button located ? On taskbar, On toolbar, On status bar, On main menu bar
In programming what is called the process of detected locating and correct errors ? Linking, Compilling, Translation, Debugging
What do we call the error that are automatically detected by language processors ? Execution, Compilling, Translating, Debugging
In BASIC language what is command used to delete a file from hard disk ? DEL, ERASE, KILL, REMOVE
What do we call a collection of variable of a certain type placed contiguously in computer memory ? A variable, A constant, A block, An array