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if an object is placed in fornt of convex lens between F and 2 F what will the image be ? Real and smaller in size, Virtual and great in size , Real and greater in size, Virtual and small in
In P-type smi-conductor nearly whole of the current flows due to : Elecrtron, Holes, Protons, Positrons
The engine of a bus moving on a road suddenly stops but continious its motion what is due to ? Inertia, Force, Momentum, Potential energy
The liquid transmit external pressure equally in all direction what is the phenomenon known as ? Archimedes Principal, Hookes law, Pascals , Boyles Law
An observation recorded during an exeriment was 0.04053 cm how many significant figures are there in it ? 5, 4, 3, 6
What is mechnical adventage of an inclied plane : h/I, Sin ? , 1/h, R/r
When string of a catapult are pulled what type of energy is stored in it ? Kinetic, Gravitional Potential, Elastic Potential, Chemical Potential
Amongst which is the unit of capcitance : Coulomb, Volt, Farad, watt
What will the centripal force if velocity of body moving on a circle is doubled : Two times, Six times, 1/2 times, four times
Half life of krypton is 3.16 mintus how much of 200 of it will be left after 12.64 mintues ? 50 g, 25 g, 12.5 g, 100 g
The shape of the line of msgnetic force in case of a straight current carrying conductor is : Elliptical, Triangular, Circular, Spherical
The wavelength of a wave passing through a medium is 0.2 metre.if wave speed is 4 ms-1 then its frequence will be ------- : 8 Hz, 20 Hz, 40 Hz, 50 Hz