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Separate the two glucose molecule : High temperature, Condensation, Change in Ph, Hydrolysis
A man takes large amount of protein he is likely to excrete more amount of : Uric acid, Sugar, Amina acid, Urea
Which part of mammalian brain control muscular co-ordination ? Cerebrum, Copus callosum, Cerebellum, Medulla oblongata
which part of brain control the blood pressure ? Thalmmus, Pons, hypothalmas, Medulla oblongata
The development of embryo started mitotic clearage in which group of animals there is a discodidal cleavage : Reptiles, Amphibian, Birds, Mammals
In mitochondrial DNA the condon UGA reads for : Arginine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Lysin
The birth frequency of jacobs syndrome is : 1/1500, 1497496, 1/700, 1/1000
The physical manifestation of an organisms genes is its : Gentotype, Genetic code, Phenotype, Karyotype
in the F2 progeny of a dihybride cross the excepted genotype proportion of individual homo zygous for both dominant characters will be : 1 over 16 , 3 over 16, 9 over 16, 12 over 16
The Basic for addisions disease is : Hypo function of adrenal cortex, Hypo function of adrenal medulla, Hypo function of adrenal Corte
Plant cells are totipotent this word was coined by : F.C Steward, John-C-Sanfoerd, Gottleib, Kary B Mullis
The average annual rainfall in temperature decidous forest is : 500 -1000 mm, 750 -1500 mm, 750 -1000 mm, 1000 -2000 mm
There are total six land biomes .how many among them are present in pakistan : 2, 5, 3, 6
A food chain consist of : Producer and primary consumers, Producer and Herbivores and decomposers, Producer and Consumers and
The depletion source of energy is : Wind, Water, Sunlight, Fossil fuels
Which among the following in a mental illness ? Kwashiorkor, Cretinism, Goiter, Alzheimer