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Dipole moment is the measur of Polarity which one of the following molecule is polar : CCl3, BF3, CF4, DF3
When two ice cubes are pressed over each other they unite to form one cubes .which force hold s them together : Covalent bond, Electrostatic interaction, Co-ordinate covalent bond, Hydrogen bonding
Which one of the following substance will conduct electric current without a chemical change : An aqueous, An electroyte, Solide Sodium chloride, A liquid metal
The mutual solubility of conjugate solution is affected by : Pressure, Volume, Mass, Temperature
In hydrogen electrode which standard hydrogen electrode(SHE) condition relevent : 1.00 mhcl solution, h2 gas at 1 atm pressure, Platium electrode, All of these
Which one of the following is a property of a solution of dry hydrogen chloride in dry methyl benzene ? It has ph less then 7, it is non conductor of electric, it reacts with magnesium to give hydrogen
Which reaction will always be exothermic ? Oxidation, Dehydrogenation , Sublimation, Neutralization reaction
An experimentally detemined quanity is called : Order of reaction, Order of action, Rate of reactant, None Of These
The pH of egg at 25 °C is : 3.9, 6.7, 7.5, 7.8
A solution of glucose is 10 % w/v. The Volume in which one mol of it is dissolved will be ----- : 1 dm3, 1.8dm3, 200 cm3, 900 cm3
Which type of cell is much imporant in a space vehicle ? Electric energy is produced from consumption of metallic electrode, Electric energy is produced f
When NaOH solution reacts with aluminium in different phhysical state most rapid reaction : Aluminium foil, Cubes of Aluminium, Aluminium powder, Alloyes of Aluminium
The unit of Mole fraction is : mole dm-3, Mole kg-1, Gm dm-3, None Of These
The potiential pressure of water vapours is gases is called : Surface tension, Aqueous tension, Tension, None Of These