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What is the measure of a memory devices operating speed called ? Access time, Cycle time, Write operation, Read operation
which of the following can convert the hard copy of document into soft copy ? Plotters, Scranner, Printer, Drum printer
The manger of a well-established multinational company wants to buy a printer with excellent printer quality.which of the following should she choose ? Dot matrix Printer, Inkjet printer, Daisy wheel printer, Laser printer
Which layer of OSI Model enables two application to communicate across the network performing security and name recognition function : Transport layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, Application layer
What do we call the set of rules or agreement among different part of the network to transfer data ? OSI Model, Protocols, Network topology, ISO standard
In which modulation technique the voltage level is constant but the carrier frequency difference for 1 to 0 : Sine wave Modulation, Phase Modulation, Pulse Modulation, Frequency
Which programs are responsible for carrying out the tasksbeyond the capabilities of the operating system ? System program, Utilities, Microsoft window, Operating envirment
Which communitcation mode of transmission is shown by the following figures ? Transmitter ? Medium ? Reciver : Simplex, Half duplex , Duplex, Half- Duplex
In which transmission type the noninformation carrying start and stop bits are elimited : Asynchronous transmission, synchronous transmission, Microwaves transmission, Satellite transmissio
Barcode reader are used to directly read UPC what does UPC stands for ? Uniform production code, Universal production code, Utility production code, Universial production
what is the 16 bits register that control the sequence in which the instruction are fetched from memory called ? Data Acess Register, Programm Counter, Instruction Register, Accumulator
The address bits of an instruction code can also be used as actual : Operand, Address, operator, Instruction Register
What is the name of special folder which contains tools for customized the window envirnoment ? Internet Explorer, Control Panel, Program files, Windows
Which is the major language of internets world wide web ? WWW, HTTP, HTML, TCP /IP
What is the process of using mathematical descripation of a real system in the form of computer program called ? Simulation, Encryption, Coding, Animation
Which of the following is not a language processor ? Compiler, Interpretor, Assembler , Debugger
An instruction given to the compiler before the execution of the program is called : Global Variable, Pre-processor directive, Main (), Both A and B
The process of converting source code into object code is called : Compiling, Linking, Executing, Debugging
Can not charged at run time : Logical Errors, Constants, All of these, Infinite
type double can accommodate number from : minus 65535 ~ + 65534, 10 ^ -308 ~ 10 ^ + 308, minus 2147483468 ~ + 2147483467, 10 ^ -38 ~ 10 ^+38
Error in a computer program are also called : Mistakes, Bugs, Syntax error, Defect
Which of the following is used to terminated the execution of loops : Switch(), GOTO, Break, End
Which of the following operator has lowest precedence ? !, Double Equal, Pluse, Signal equal
Which of the following is valid Character Constant ? a, b, 6, Equal
The conditional operators is some time called : Unary Operator, Binary Operator, Ternary operator, Control statement
What will be the result of expression a + = b ? b+ = a, a = ++b, a = a + b, b = b +a
First line of function definition before the opening brace is called : Function declaration, Function definition, Function declarator / header, Call to function
Provides the basic information about the function to the compiler : Prototype, Function definition, Library function, Body of function
An attribute is a property or characteristic of : Entity, Database, Relation, DBMS
Which of following is known as collection of related data ? ERD, DBMS, Database, Record