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What is the number of significant figures in 0.0003 ? 1, 2, 3, 4
What parameter of the ball does Y-axis represent in the graph ? Displacement, Velocity, Kinetic, Accelation
Choose the quanity referring to linear motion that corresponds to moment of inertia in rotional motion : Mass, Kinetic energy, Acceleration, Momentum
when a gramophone turnable is switched on it rotates from rest and 5 sec it attains an angular acceleration ? 0.9425 rad/S2, 0.4925 rad/S2, 0.09425 rad/S2, 0.9425 rad/S
What is the unit for the co-efficient of viscosity ? Kgms-1, Kgms, Kgm-1s, Kgm-1s-1
When the length of simple pendulum is doubled what is tha ratio of new frequency ? 1 over 4, 1 over ?2, ? 2, 1 over 2
Viewed from above the current in a soleniod is anti-clockwise what magnetic pole would the top end of solenoid be ? North Pole, May be north or south, South pole, Insufficient data
If the distance between two charged bodies is halved what will the force between them become ? Doubled, Four times, Half, One half
The ratio of collector current to the base current is nearly and is known as : Reverse bias current, Forward bias current, Emitter current, Current gain
1 X 10 electrons pass through a wire in 1 Us the current through the wire will be : 1.6 X 10 ^-6 A, 3.6 X 10 ^-5 A, 2.6 X 10 ^-6 A, 4.6 X 10 ^-6 A
What is the barrier potential of silicon diode at room temperature ? 0.3 v, 0.7 v, 1 v, 2 mv
Which of the following bands may be either completely filled or partially filled by electron but can never empty ? Conduction band , Forbidden band, Valance band , None Of These
By increase the frequency of an alternating current the value of inductive reactance : Increases, Does not change, Decrease , None Of These
what is the % elongation when one m long copper wired is stretched 20 cm due to a stress ? 10, 30, 20, 0.2
What will be the output value of an OR operational gate when both the switches (input A and input B ) are open ? 0, Both a and 1, 1, None Of These
What should be done to increase the sensitivity of a Galvanometer ? Increase the number of turns, Increase the area of its coiled, Place its coiled stronger field, Al
A dynamo converts ? Mechnical energy into electric energy, electric energy into Mechnical energy, Magnetic energy i
What are the minority charge carries in an N -type Substance : Protons, Holes, Position, Electron
Which of the following cannot be acceleration by an electric or magnetic field ? Electrons, Neutron, Protons, Alph particles
what effect do two parellel wires carrying currents in the opposite direction have on each other : Repel, Attract, have no effect , They canceled magnetic field
The amount of energy needed to move electron from the metal surface dependupon : Work, Power, Work function, Power function
Electron in hydrogen atom jumps from any higher orbit to 1st orbit what is the set of lines emitted called ? Lyman series, Pffund series, Paschen seies, Bracket Series