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The scientist who did exceptional work in Optics is : Al-Beruni, Al-Kundi, Newton, Ibn-Al-Haithem
The least count of verier calliper is : 0.0001 cm, 0.01 cm, 0.001 cm, 0.1 cm
The second equation of motion is : 2 as = Vf^2 - Vf^2, S = S avt X t, S=Vit +1/2 at2, Vf = V1 +at
If the mass of the body is doubled while keeping the force constant the acceleration will be : One half, Two time, One fourth, Fourth time
When a vector is multipal by a positive number then what will be the change : Direction, Magnitude, Unit , Direction
The value of torque depend upon : Force, Moment arm, Force and moment arm, Direction
A 2 kg object is moving in a circle with a speed 4 mS-1.If the radius of the corcle is 1 m.What will be the value of the centipal force acting on the object : 8 N, 16 N, 32 N, 64 N
The energy of body produced in it due to its motion is called : Electrical, Chemical, Kitnetic, Potential energy
The unit of mechnical advantage is : Newton, Joule, Meter, No Unit
The mathematical form of youngs modulus is : p=f/a, y= Fx L/A x dalta L, P= p F2/f2 = A/a
Viscosity of which will be maximium density : Water at 20° C, Honey at 20° C, Water at 70° C, Water at 90° C
At what temperature water has maximium density : 0° C, 4° C, 100° C, 110° C
The toy operating with steam was invented by : Hero, Volta, Galillio, Nicvalosium
The basic unit of temperature in SI system is : Calories, Kelvin, Joule, Mole
When a body does not change its position with respect to an observer then it is called : Position, Fixed point, Rest, Motion
Formula of weight is w = ------- : m/v, mg, mv, ma
The vector whose magnitude is equal to the vector v and direction in different is called : Positive, Negative, Resultant, Representative
According to 1 st condition equillibium ------------- = 0 : E fx =0, Efy = 0, E f =0, E I =0
A body of mass 2 kg is moving with speed of 4 mS-1 in a circle of radius 1 m the centipal force acting on the body is : 8 N, 16 N, 32 N, 64 N
If 25 N force acts on a stone to displace it 5 m.what will be the amount of work : 25 J, 50 J, 75 J, 125 J
Mechinical advantage of a signal moveable pulley is : Less then 1, Equal to 1, More then 1, More then 2
Force applying on a unit area of a body is called : Stress, Strain, Viscosity, Elasticity
For finding specific heat of liquid------ is used : Thermometer, Hyspmeter, Barometer, Calorimeter
PV = Constant is ----------- law : Charles, Boyles, Pascals, Archimedes