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Which of the folowing is an example of transport system? Movement of materials from place to place , Elimination of metabolic wastes each cell, Adjustment t
What is the Average number of erythrocytes in person living at high altitude ? 5 million/mm3, 6000 - 8000 mm3, 150000 - 350000 mm3, 7 million/mm3
In amoeba ammonia diffuses out through : Nucleus, Mitochondria, Golgi complex, Cell membrane
Which of the following group of flowers is pollinated by wind ? Bougainvillea,rose,calotropis, Potamogeton Vallisneria, Maize wheat Rice, None Of These
In human eye for focusing far vision : Cillary muscles relax, Suspensor ligaments taut, Lens thinner, All Of These
Which form of drug abuse involves most risk of infection with the HIV virus ? Cigarette smoking, Using alcohol, Injection of herione, Taking to many aspirin
The biosphere is about ------------- thick : 10 Km, 15 Km, 50 Km, 20 Km
Which of the following diseases is also called Bleeders disease : Sickle cell anaemia, Colour blindne, Diabetes , Haemophilia