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Binary Compound of oxygen ae called oxides : Sub Oxide, Amphoteric oxide, Super Oxide, Normal Oxide
The element which react with Dilute Nitric Acid to produce Hydrogen is : Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminum
Amethyst is a quartz which imparts violet colour .this Violet colour due to prence of traces of : Zn, Cu, Fe, Iodine
Iron pyrite is one of the ores of sulphur which of the following is composition of iron pyrite : HgS, PhS, Zns, FeS2
Certain chemical are used for the preservation of food .which one prevent the growth of microorganism : Benzonic acid, Sodium dihydrogen Sulpate, Propanoic acid, Potassium Meta bi-Sulphate
The process in which various fractions are separated by evaporation and condensation is called : Polemerization, Fractional distillation , Catenation, Unsaturation