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How many Bio-element account for 99 % of the total mass in a human body ? 16, 6, 10, 12
Plants Having foreign DNA incorpated into their cells are called : Vascular plants, Plasmids, Transamerican plants, Transgenic plants
Which lipid molecule is represented by the following structure ? Triacyglycerol, Palmitic acid, Lecithine, Isoprenoid
Pepsin is a powerful protein digesting enzyme is produced in inactive form known as : Pepsigen, Ptyalline, Pepsinogen, Pentenol
Major cell infected by HIV in the immune system is : B-Lymhocyte, T-Lymhocyte, Granulocyte, Agranulocyte
Which of the following bacteria are stained purple ? Gram positive, Cocci, Gram negative, Bacilli
Which of the following structure is present on Gram-negative bacteria only and is involved in matching process between cell called conjugant ? Endospores, Capsule, Pillin, Pili
which of the following are marine protozoans that produce shells of Calcium Carbonate ? Diatoms, Foraminiferans, Dinoflagellates, Euglenoids
In which stage of cellular respiration does glucose breakdown into two molecule of pyruvic acid ? Krebs cycle, Electron Transport chain, Calvin cycle, Glycolysis
A process in which all the branches of stem grow in different planes is called : Overtopping, Planation, Dichotomy, Reticulate Venation
The membrane of which of the following phylum are exclusively marine ? Coelenterata, Porifera, Echinodermata, Mollusca
the diagram shows the digestive system of an insect which label shows its excretory organs ? Crop, Hepatic caecae, Malpighian tubules, Rectum
In the lungs of birds instead of alveoli tiny thin walled ducts are present which are called : Bronchii, Air sacs, Bronchioles, Parabronchi
Water reaches the xylem tissue through the pathway called : Apoplast pathway, Symplast pathway, Vaculoar pathway, All of these