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If a compound has empirical formula C3J3O and its molecular mass is 110 g mol-1 then what is formula of the compound ? C3H3O, C6H6O2, C6H6O3, C3H3O2
A ring is made of diamond having mass 6 g how many atoms are present in it ? 6.02 X 10 ^ 23, 3.01 X 10 ^ 23, 1505 X 10 ^ 23, 0.75 X 10 ^ 23
The technique in which a solute is separated from a solution from solutution by shaking the solution with a solvent in which the soluate and added solvent does mix with solution is called : Crystallization, Sublimation, Chromatography, Solvent excluded
What are the Si unit s of excluded volume b in vander waals equation : dm3 mol -1, m3 mol -1, mol dm-3, mol m-3
London dispersion force are the only force present among the : Molecules of water in liquid state, Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature, Molecule
The temperure atwhich two crystalline forms of the same sunstance can Coexist in equillibrium with each other is called Transition temperature the transition temperature of gray tin ? White tin (tetadonal ) is : 13.2 °C, 14.2 °C, 15.2 °C, 16.2 °C
How nany electron can be accommodated in sub-shell for which = 3 and I =2 ? 2, 6, 10, 14
A molecule has two lone pair and two bond pair of electron around the central atom.the shape of molecule is : Linear, Angular, Pyramidal, Tetrahedral
Unit of Kc for the reaction : N2(g) +3H(ag) ? 2NH (g) will be : moles dm3, Moles2dm3, Moles-1 dm+3, Moles-2 dm+8
The Ph of milk at 20 °C is : 6, 7, 6.5, 7.8
Butter is an example of solution : Liquid in liquid, Solide in liquid, Liquid in solid, Solide in solide
18 g glucose is dissolved in 90 g of water the relative lowering of vapour pressure is equal to : 1 over 5, 18629, 1 over 51, 6
Caustic soda is obtained on industrial scale by the electrolysis of aqueous solution of sodium chloride is carried out in a cell called : Daniells cell, Downs cell, Nelsons cell , Voltaic cell
Which of the folllowing statement is not correct about galvanic cell ? Anode is negatively charged, Reduction occur at anode, Cathode is positively charged, Reduction occ
If the rate equation of a reaction 2A + B product is rate K[A]2[B] and A is present in large excess then the order of reaction is : 3, 1, 2, None Of These
The manufacture of sulphuric acid in the contact process needs platium as a catalyst.the platinium cataalyst is poisoned by : Silver, Arsenic, Zinc, Argon
Which naturally occuring substance is mainly SO ? Haematitie, Lime stone, Cryolite, Quartz
The following acids have been arranged in the order of decreasing acid strength .identify the correct order I HOLC II HOBr III HOL : III > II >I, I > III > II, I > II >III, II > I >III
Pyrolusite is mineral of : Copper, Chromium, Iron, Maganese
Which one of the following equation represent the reaction that occur when Mg(NO) is heated strongly : Mg (NO2)2 ? Mg(No3)2 + O2 , Mg (NO2)2 ? Mgo +4NO + 2O2, 2Mg (NO2)2 ? 2mgo + 4 NO +O2, Mg (NO2)2 ?
The brown gas formed when metal reduces HNO is : NO2, NO3, N2O3, N2O4
What is this ion called : Protonium, Oxonium, Carbonium, Carbocation
Which compound reacts with its own oxidation product to gives a sweet -smelling liquid ? Propanal, Propanoic acid, Propanol, Propane
Rectified spirit contains alcohol about : 0.8, 0.9, 0.95, 0.85
Glucose and Fructose are : Chain isomer, Functional isomers, metamers, Position isomer
In which pair do both pollutants cause damage to building ? Nitrogen dioxidide and sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide and lead compound, Nitrogen dioxide and lea
Oxidation of NO in air producess N2O2, N2O4, N2O4, N2O5
Which one of the following molecules is a free radical : N2O, OCl2, BrO3, H2O2