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The physical interface between CPU and peripherals is called : BUS, PORTS, Hardware, I/O switch
What type of operating system MS DOS is ? Command line interface, Graphical user interface, Multitasking, Menu driven interface
The individual images that makes up a video are called : Frames, Digitals, Pixels, Bytes
Which of the following text stored on clipboard ? Deleted text, Copied text, Repeated text , Entered text
Collection of million of computer interlik to one another is called : Internet, Intranet, Network, Interlink
What type of printer form images one character at a time as printer head move across the paper ? Inkjet Printer, Dot matrix, Laser printer, Drum printer
A kilobyte is exactly : 1000 Bytes, 100 KB, 256 Bytes, 1024 Bytes
A mathemical expression that is used to perform calculation on work sheet is called : Cell, Formula, Format, Address
A network that covers a large geographical area such as a country is called : Centralized Network , Wide area network, Distributed Network, Local area network
A modems rating of 56 k refers to its : Memory size, Transmission speed, Moderm size, Model No
Temporary storage area with in CPU is called : Register, ROM, RAM, PROM
A person who gains illegal access to a computer system is known as : Hacker, Worm, Software pirate, Trojan horse
The secret word or number used for protection is called : Password, Biomatric data, Codes, Login
Which of the following is the fastest communication mode ? Half duplex, Full duplex, Simplex , Multi- duplex
Sound , light and radio waves are example of ----- : Digital Signal, Simple Signal, Analog Signal, Waves
C Language was developed by : Van Neumann, Charles Babbage, John Backus, Dennis Ritchie
Which of the following is a compiler directive ? #include<studio.h>, getch(), int main, All of these
C statement ends with a : Full Stop, Colon, Semi colon, Comma
A type of language in which instruction are written in binary form is : Machine language, Assembly language, High level language, None Of These
A Space in computers memory set aside for some data that can be changed is called : Variable, Integer, Constant, Floating
Which of the following is not valid varible name ? This is valid name, Howabouthisname, Thisisnotvalid, is-this-valid
which is numeric data type ? Interger, Floating point, Both A and B, None Of These
The number of bytes used by char data type in C is : 1, 2, 3, 4
The function used to display output on screen is : Getch(), Scanf(), Printf(), Main()
A collection of raw facts and figures is called : Data, Information, Processing, System
Which of the following are major comonents of a database system : Data files, Personnel, Hardware and software, All of these
Which does not hold uniqueness property ? Candidate key, Primary Key, ,
A database consists of various components called : Tools, Entities, Properties, Object
Which of the following is the defult data type in ACCESS Database ? Text, Auto number, Number, Date
Which of the following is handled by DBMS ? Data integrity, Data security, Data independence, All of these