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Which of the following is NOT a high level language ? BASIC, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY, C and C++
What is called the brain of an electronic computer ? RAM, CPU, ALU, CU
The second-generation computer used---------- : ICs, MicroProcessor, VLSI chip, Transistors
The system BUS is used to connect the ----------- : CPU, Input/Output Device, Main Memory, All Of These
Flat Panel Monitors are usually used in -------- : Portable computer, Supercomputer, Personal Computer, Mainframe
Hard disk is a--------------- disk that stores data : Read only, Optical, Magnetic, Laser
In computer ,data/instruction flow in group of bits called : Words, Bits, Nibbles, Bytes
1 kb is equal to ------------ : 1000 bytes, 2 ^ 10 Bytes, 2^10 Bytes, 2 ^ 40 bytes
Windows ---------- : has a GUI, Is not an operating system, Is a compiler, All Of These
What is the function of dir ? Lists all the Files of extension doc, List all the files, Lists all files of name sample, None Of Th
Computer Virus is simply a ----------------- : Disease , Computer Code, Type of bacteria, Hardware component
What does ENIAC stand for : Electronic Numerical Intergrator and Calculator, Electronic Numerical Intergator and Calculation, El
What in a transistor is always reverse biased with respect to base : Emitter, Collector, Emitter and Collector, None Of These
(AAA)16 is equal to decimal of ------------ : 2370, 2380, 2730, 2780
Floppy disk is an example of ------------- : Offline Memory, Online memory, Temporary memory, None Of These
What is an angle which is greater then 180 ? Obtuse angle , Complement angle, Reflex angle, Adjacent angle
What does CPU stand for : Central Processing unit, Control Processing unit, Central programming unit, Control Programming Unit
What is code of WHITE colour in Resistor colour coding : 8, 6, 4, 9
Formula for Power calculation is : P = I 2/R, P = V2R, P = wX t, P = V2/R
What is called the rate of flow of electric charge ? Electric Potential , Power, Current, None Of These