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Haemophilia and anaemia are the abnormalities of : Blood, Kidney, Digestive, Eye
The lymph Capillaries are ---------- : Blind ended tubes, Open tubes, Formed by division veins, Join and form
The depression in the centre of the concave side of the kidney is called : Loop of Henle, Ureter, Renal Vein, Hilus
The type of activity in which the the smaller substance combine to builed up the more complex ones is called : Respiration, Reproduction, Metabolism, Anabolosm
Which organism moves by means of pseudopodia ? Paramecium, Euglena, Amoeba, VolVox
Which of the following neurons form the central nervous system ? Motor neurons, Sensory neurons, Associative neurons, All Of These
The nucleus of frogs egg is located in the ------- : Animal hemisphere, Vegetal hemisphere, Equator, Grey crescent
In peach,the fruit is derived from the -------- : Ectoderm, Wall of the ovary, Megaspores, Endosperm
Who transmits biological information ? Genes, R.N.A, Gamete, Cell
Which of the following is NOT a part of darwinism : Over production, Natural selection, Inheritance of acquired characters, Competition for survivals
Causative agent of AIDS is ----------- : bacterium, Virus , Fly, Contaminated water
Habitat destruction can result in a loss of ------------- : Specifies, Community, land, Ecosystem