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Oxidation state of Hydrogen in NaH is --------- : Pluse 1, Pluse 2, Zero, Minus 1
Which of the following will convert Fe +3 to Fe +2 : [H], KMnO4, H2O, K2Cr2O7
Nitric acid reacts with hydrogen sulphide and oxidizes it to form ------------ : 2H2O +2NO2 +S, H2O +NO2 +SO2, H2O2 +NO +S, H2O +N +SO2
Ammonia and carbon dioxide react at high temperature and high pressure to give ------ : (NH2)2 CO3, (NH2)2 CO, NH4 CO3, (NH)3 CO2
The boiling point of Sulphur is ------------ : 410°C, 415°C, 444.6°C, 450°C
Chemical formula of Epsom Salt is ---------- : CaSO4.2H2O, MgSO4.7H2O, BaSO4, MgSO4.5H2O
Iodized table is salt is obtained mixing ---- potassium iodide weight in common salt : 0.0003, 0.0002, 0.0004, 0.0001
Extraction of pure metal from its ores is called ---------- : Mining, Metallurgy, Jugging, Froth Floation
In Thermite Process a metal oxide is reacted with : Cr, Mn, Al, Fe
Mg of urea is excreted through the urine of a normal person daily : 20 to 35, 20 to 30, 20 to 22, 20 to 25
What is the general formula of Alkynes ? CnH 2n + 2, CnH 2n, CnH 2n - 2, CnH 2n - 2
The Compound which increase the weight of soap is ------- : Sodium chloride, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Silicate