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What is the base of octal number system : 16, 8, 10, 2
Which is an example of alphanumeric data ? House #31,Street #1, Aliahmad, 5478, 58.24
Which command is used to assign line number automatically ? NEW, CLS, AUTO, CLEAR
Graphical representation of a program is called ----- : Algoithm, Pseudocode, Flowchart, None Of These
Technical document is to help the ------ : User, Programmer, Common people, Students
In GW-BASIC the command used to take input from user is ----------- : Read-data, Print, Let, InPUt
What is an advantage of array ? Can easily be used in loop, Takes less space, Has no advantage at all, None Of These
Which is true for Nested loop ? Loop after a loop, Loop outside a program, Loop with in loop, None Of These
In GW-BASIC the command used to take input from user is ----------- : 1, 4, 8, 2
To delete all the lines from line number 50 to the program which command can be used in GW-BASIC : DELETE 50, DELETE -50, DELETE 50-END, DELETE 50 to END
Which error exists in the formula C = CD/C ? Logical, Syntex, Execution, None Of These
The character used to print more space between data element with PRINT statement is ------ : ;, :, ,, !