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Which is NOT an example of SHM ? Motion of a Swing, Motion of Simple pendulum, Motion of planets around the sun, Motion of strings
What is the time period of simple pendulum whose length is 100 cm ? 4 Seconds, 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Seconds
In which of the following information storing devices the laser technology is used ? Video Cassete, Floppy Disc, Hard disc, Compact Disc
We want to insert a fuse for a heater of power 3000 Watt .if voltage supply is 240 V then suitable fuse for this circuit is of ----------- : 5 Ampere, 10 Ampere, 13 Ampere, 30 Ampere
Stationary waves generated in a string makes three loop if distance between two nodes is 10 cm then what is the wave ? 0.1 Cm, 0.1 m, 0.05 m, 0.2 m
Which of the following radio-isotopes is used to diagnose the brain tumor ? Phosophorous -32 , Iodine -131, Cobalt -60 , Carbon - 40
In P-type cry stal the majority charge carriers are : Holes, Free electron, Protons, Positrons
When an object in placed beyond C in fornt of a concave mirror then image is formed ------------ : At C , At F , Between C and F, Between F and pole
The instrument which stores charge is known as : Electroscope, Conductor, Capacitor, Capacitance
The intensity level of the fainest audible sound is : 0.1 db , 10 db, 0 db, 100 db
The refractive index of water is ------------- : 1, 1.3, 1.33, 2.42
When a current carrying conductor is placed a magnetic field in such a way that it is parallel to the field then force acting on it : Maximum, Zero , Clockwise, Anti-clockwise