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The element commonly used in the formation of chemical compound of living organisms are called bio-elements : Potassium- Sulphur-Copper-Sodium, Calcium-Zinc-Iodine-Sulphur, Copper-Manganese-Zinc-Iodine, Carbon-
Fatty acids are components of lipids : NO, One, SIX, Up to six
Some enzymes are potentially damaging if they are manufacture in their active form e.g : Trypsinogen, Pepsin, Pepsinogen, Amylase
In many animal sells the cell membrane helps to take in material by infolding in the form of vacule.this type of in take is termed as -------- : Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis, Osmosis, Endocyosis
Lions and tigers are differebt species the result of mating of male tiger & female lion are offspring called Tiglions they are --------: Sterile, Fertile, Infertile, Do not survive
Lousis Pasteur was one of the pioneer microbilogists.His main achievement are the development of vaccines for diseases : Anthrax -Cholera - Malaria, Small pox -Chicken Pox - Anthrax, Anthrax -Fowl cholera - Rabies, Small
Plasmodium is a malarial parasite .: Zooflagellates, Apicomplexans, Choanoflagellates, Ciliates
Fungi show a charastic type of Mitosis is called Nuclear Mitosis Whichone is eelated to this process ? : Nuclear envelope does not break , Mitotic apparatus is formed within nucleus, Nuclear membrane const
The plant body of Horsetails is composed of large number of joints The plant of this group are also called : Spermatophytes , Arthrophytes, Arthropodes, Bryophytes
Salive is secretion of salivary glands which of the following is NOT its component ? Water and Mucus, Pepsin, Amylase, Sodium Bicarbonate
Bronchioles are made up of ------: Epithelial tissue, Circular smooth muscles, Connective tissue, Longitudeinal smooth muscles
According to Binomial Nomenclature solanum Melangena is the botanial name ---------- : Potato, Tomato, Brinjal, Spinach