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NH3 Has three bond pairs and one lone pair of election Its Structure will be : Triangular Pyramidal, Trigonal Planer, Tetrahedral, Linear
Positive rays are produced by ------------ : Burning of gas , Cooling of gas , Ionization of gas , From anode like Cathode rays from cathode
In which of the set all member are Isoelectronic ? F-1 Cl1- Br1-, O+ ,O, O1-, Ca2+,Mg 2+ ,Al3+, H, He1+ , Be3 +
The ideal solvent for the crystallization of a particular compound is one that ------- : DissolveAs a moderately large amount of the compound when hot, Does not react with the compound, D
The Solubility product values for the following salts are given below : PbCl2 = 1 X 10 -15 NaCl = 1 X 10 ^ 25 KCl = 1 X 10 ^ 23 ZnCl2 = 1 X 10 ^ 20 NacCl will Precipitate First, ZnCl2 will Precipitate First, PbCl2 will Precipitate First, KCl wil
Radioactivity isotope concentration typicall decay by ----- : Zero order kinetic, Second order kinetic, First order kinetic, None Of These
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an ideal Solution : Zero enthalpy of solution, No change in intermolecular force on formation of solution, Zero Volume
Given the reaction : Pb (S) + Cu2+ ? Pb2+ +Cu(s ) What is the reducing agent ? Pb2+ (ag), Cu2 (ag), Pb(V), Cu (s)
Crystals of ice are ------ : Metallic, Molecular, Covalent, Ionic
Dissolving 1 mole of KCl in 1000 grams of H2o affect ----- : The Boiling point of the H2o only, The freezing point of the H2o only, Both A and B, Neither the b
What type of process is present by the equation given : 1/2 Cl2(g) ?H = 121 kj /mol Standard enthalpy of formation, Ionisation enthalpy, Electron affinity, Enthalpy of atomisation
Consider the fictional reaction : CD (g) + D (g) ? ? C (g) + D2(g) Kp = Kc, K c= K p (RT)2, Kc = Kp (RT)-2, Kc = K p (RT)
What is the pH of buffer containing 2.0 m kAc and 2.0 m NaAc if the Ka of the weak acid Hac is 1.0 X 10 -4 ? 10 ^ -4, -0.3, -0.4, 4
Graeater the value of standard reduction potential greater will be tendency of ------ : Oxidation, Reduction, To accept electron, Both B and C
Solution of NaSo4 will be ------ : Basic, Acidic, Neutral, More acidic
In Endothermic reaction enthalpy of the ----- : Production is more then that of reactant, Resctant Is more then that of products, Both A and B, Rea