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Which is used to produce hardcopy of graphs maps and engineering drawing ? Line Printer, Chain Printer , Plotter, Scanner
Which of the following is a part of Cpu ? Ram, ROM, BIOS, ALU
How many layers does the osi model consist of ? 5, 6, 7, 8
Which of the following is the most important layer concerned with transmitting a stream of data ove the physical cables and wires ? Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer
Which of the following is called Pointing Device ? Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Video Camera
In Synchronous transmission the interval between two characters is always exactly ----- : Same, Different, Zero, Low
Which is ideal for long distance communication ? Fibre optics, Coaxial Cables, Microwaves transmission, Satellite Communication
What unit is used to measure data communication speed ? Hertz, Kbps, Baud, Nibbles
Which of the following device is used to connect two computer in the same building ? Moderm, Fax Card, Ethernet Card, Sound Card
Which of the following is defined as maintaining business relationship and selling information service & commodities by means of computer telecommunication network ? CAD /CAM, Computer Simulation, E- Commerce, ISO
What does CIM Stand for ? Computer Intergrated Manufacturing, Computer International management, Copy in Memory, Computer inte
Which is the part of the computer actual processing takes place ? ALU, CU, RAM, Hard Disk
Which is NOT a semi-conductor memory ? RAM, ROM, CD, Flash Disk
Which regidter normally function as a 16 bits counter that control the sequence in which the instruction are fetch from memory ? PC, IR, DR, DAR
Which facilate a number of people to use computer & its software at the same time by connecting it to other PCs or workstations ? Multi-sharing, Multi-tasking, Multi-user operation, Network Operation