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Classify the category of Brassica with respect to different Habitats : Halophytes, Xerophytes, Hydrophytes, Mesophytes
Which of the following Excretory product needs maximum water for its elimation ? Ammonia, Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine
Which of the following is a dircect source of energy for Muscle contraction ? ATP, Creatine Phosphate, Both A and B, Lactic acid
Sarcolemma is a term used in the structure of : Bone, Cartilage, Muscle fibre, All of these
Muscle fatigue occur after sternous exercise due to ----- : CO2, Ethyl Alcohol, Acetic Acid, Accumulation of Lactic Acid
Jet aeroplane fly in the air due to jet propulsion mechanism.which of the following animals move on this pattern ? Snail, Paramecium, Jelly fish, Silver fish
A Plant Hormone that promotes cell enlargement in region behind apex of a short ------ : Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Ethene
Human body temperature is co-ordinated and controlled of ------ : Hypothalmus, Thalmasus, Cerebrum , Cerebellum
Graves dieses with ex-opthalmic goiter and increase in the basal metabolic rate occure due to the excessive production of ----- : Thyoxine, Parathormone, ADH, Adrenalline
A snail crawling on a sheet of glass retracts into its shell when glass retract into its shell when glass is tapped : Imprinting, Habituation, Latent Learning, Insight learning
The Reptiles that lay shelled egges to protect their developing embryos from harsh terrestrial condition are called : Viviparous, Oviparous, Ova-viviparous, All of these
Neurula is the stage in which embryo has ----- : Blastocoele, Neural tube, The germ layer, Archenteron
Which American Scientist presented the Chromosomal theory of inheritance ? Karl correns, W .Sutton, T.H. Morgan, Mendel
In man if autosomal non-disjunction occurs at the 21 th chromosome it is considered as ----- Syndome : Downs, Polymerase, Edwards, Turners
A transgenic tobacco plant glows when introduced with firefly enzyme -------- : Luciferase, Ligase, Endonuclease, Polymerase
Who presented the theory of evolution in 1809 ? Mendel, Malthus, Darwin, Larmarck