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Laithium is the first member of group 1 A pf the periodic table yet it show deviation in physical properties from other membres of its own family because of ----- : Its smaller size, Absence of d orbit for bonding, Having one electron in its valences shell, Having
Which of the following is the end product when Boric acid is strongly heated ? B2O3, H2B4O7, H3BO3, HBO2
Sulphur form three different compound with chlorine .the type of hydridatization shown by sulphur in SCl6 --------- : SP3, SP3d, SP2, SP3d2
Halogen acid act as reducing agents choose correctr order of reducing power of these acids : HF > HCl < HBr < Hi, HF < HCl < HBr <HI, HF < HCl > HBR >HI, HF< HCL < HBr >HI
In isomerism compounds have same molecule formula but different structure the possible isomers formed by pentane are ------ : 5, 4, 3, 2
Choose from the following the catalyst which is used for the partial hydrogenation of alkynes to form trsnd alkenses Pb4 Hg(SO4)/Quinoline, Pb(HgSo4)/Quinoline, Pb (BaSO4)/Quinoline, Nal Liquid NH3/-33 °C
Which of the following compound will be compound will be sulphonated most readily ? Toluene, Benzene, Aniline, Chlorobenzene
The rate of SN1 mwchanism depend upon ----- : The concentration of Nuclophile, The concentration of Substrate, The concentration of Substrate an
Alcohols react with con.H2SO4 and gives different product .what is the product as a result the equation 2C2H5 - OH con.H2SO4 / 140 ° C ? CH2 = CH2, CH3 - CH3, C2H5 -O - C2H5, CH = CH
Which of the following reagent will react with both aldehydes and ketones ? Grignard Reagent, Tollens Reagent, Benedicts Reagent, Feshling Reagent
Which of the following is non-calcarious ? Lime, Lime stone, Sea Shells, NH4OH
Which of the following is an electrophile ? H2O, H2S-, Cl2, BF3