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What does the # sign indicate in an instruction of C-language ? Instruction for the programmer, Instruction for the Compiler, Instruction for the linker, Instructio
Which of the following components is used to convert first .c to first .exe ? Compiler and header, Compiler and linker, Header and linker, Compiler only
Which of the following escape sequences is used to erse a character left to the Cursor podition ? , del, f, c
Which of the following logical operators has the highest priority ? !, !equal, &&, ||
What do the C statement end with ? Comma, Colon, Semi colon, Full stop
If x = 10 and y = 5 what will be the output of the following expression X > y ?X * Y : X +Y ; 5, 10, 15, 50
When for loop more approprite then while loop ? The terminating Condition occurs unexpectedly, The number of iteration is not known in advance, The
A database consists of various components called : Object, Entities, Properties, Tools
Which is the ture for return statement in function ? It can return one value only, It can return integer value only, It cannot return any value, It canno
If fptr = fopen ("Data.txt","r" statement is used to open a file then what would be the necessary condition ? The file must already exist, The file should be data file only , The file must contain valid stude
Which of the following is a list of numerical values which gives the order of the record when they are stored on a particular Field : Query, Primary Key, Secondary Key, Index
Which of the following terms is related to the feature of cascading deletion ? Data integrity, Data redundancy, Referential integrity, Indexing
What is another name for all the attributes about an enity ? Field, Record, File, Database
Which of the object allows to extract specific information from tables : Queries, Forms, Records, Fields
In what type of report each field appears on a separated line with a label to its left ? Sales report, Horizontal, Tabular report, Columnar report