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A closed surface contains two equal and opposite charges the net electric flux from the Surface will be ---- : Negative, Positive, Infinite, Zero
Watt-hour measure ----- : Current, Electric Energy, Power, Voltage
According to fardays law emf induced in a circuit depends on -----: Maximum magnetic Flux, Rate of chenge of magnetic flux, Change in magnetic flux, Initial magnetic fl
An electron beam is moving parellel the nature of force them is ---- : Attractive, Repulsive, Attractive or repulsive depend on the magnitude of velocity, None Of These
In Compton Scattering the change wavelength is maximium if ----- : Angle of Scattering is 90 °, Angle of Scattering is 60 °, Angle of Scattering is 180 °, Angle of Sca
Temperature coefficient of thermister is ----- : Always negative, Always Positive, Changing form Positive to negative & Vice Versa, May be positive o
If capacitance of LC Circuit is made four time the frequency of the circuit become ---- : Twice, One Half, Four time, None Of These
A transformer step down voltage of 220 V to 20 V with the help of 20 turn on the secondary coil : 200, 220, 20, 22
The colour of light emitted by led depend on : its forward bias, it reverse bias, The amount of forward current, The type of semi conductor materi
The out put of two input OR Gate is 0 only when its ----- : Both input are 0, Both input are 1, Either input is 1, Either input is 0
A 100 ohm resistor a 0.1 ufcapacitor and a 0.1 100 V supply .the reasonant frequency is ---- : 1392 Hz, 1492 Hz, 1592 Hz, None Of These
An electric force can deflect ----- : Neutrons, Gamma Ray, Both A and B, None Of These
As per Bohrs atomic model a mimimum energy (in ev) required to remove an electron from the ground state of doubly ionized li-atom is ---- : 1.51 ev, 13.6 ev, 40.8 ev, 122 .4 ev
When the motor is at its maximium speed the back emf will be ---- : Maximum , Zero, Intermediate Values, No back emf
As mass number increase which of the following does not change ? Mass, Volume, Density, Binding energy
In Ge (Germanium) sample traces of Ga (gallium) are added as impurities.The resulting sample would behave like ---- : A conductor, A P-type Semiconductor, An N-type semiconductor, An Insulator
Rectal glands are present in --------- : Fish, Cartilaginous fish, Hug fish, Fresh Water fish