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The level of organization that is less define in plant is : Tissue level, Organ level, Organ System level, Individual level
What would be best experimental design for testing a hypothesis that bean plants require Sodium : Measure the amount of sodium in a few bean plant, Grow bean plants with and without sodium, Look for
A related group of generas Comprises : An order, A family, Class, A phylum
The thin extensions of the inner mitochondrial membrane are known as ------ : Cristae, Matrix, Thylakoids, Stroma
In which stage of cell cycle do most cells spend their lives ? Prophase, Metaphase, Interphase, Telophase
What is TRUE about enzymes ? They make biochemical reaction to proceed spontaneously, They lower the activation energy of a react
When we work hard we suffer from muscle fatigue because muscle cell : Carry out aerobic respiration at faster rate and so are tired , Carry out anaerobic respiration an
Where are the villi found ? Esophagus, Stomach, Small intestine, large intestine
Which of the following chambers has the thickest walls in human heart ? Right atrium, left atrium, left Ventricle, right Ventricle
Which of the following distinguishes meiosis from mitosis ? In meiosis the chromosome number is reduced, In meiosis the daughter cells are genetic different fro
Plant cells have ----- and which are not present in animal cells : Mitochondria ,Chloroplasts, Cell membrane, cell walls, Chloroplasts ,nucleus, Chloroplasts, cell wal
When the last member of a particular species dies the species is said to be : Established , Extinct, Threatened , Endangered