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Which of the following is NOT a high level language ? BASIC, COBOL, ASSEMBLY, FORTRAN
A Computer program written by a programmer in a language other then the machine language is called a/an : Source Program, Object program, Machine Code, None Of These
The brain of an electronic computer is its ------------ : Random Access Memory, CPU, Serial port, ROM
A 16 bit data bus can transfer-------byte at a time : 4, 6, 16, 2
Which of the following is an output device ? Printer, Mouse, Scanner, Trackball
A trackball is almost like a ---------- turned upside down : Monitor, Microphone, Keyboard, Mouse
A byte is group of ----------- bits : 4, 8, 16, 2
size is the number of bits a microprocessor can manipulate at one time : Byte, Kilobyte, Word, None Of These
Which internal DOS command is used to clear the screen ? CLS, COPY, REM, CLEAR
DOS------------- commonds are stored in the command .com file : External, Internal, Both A and B, None Of These
Button activates the main menu of windows known as the Start menu : Help, Open, Title bar, Start
In Ms word,pressing CTRL + U will cause----- : To open the view Menu, To underline the selected text, To cut the selected text, None Of These