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The relation between force and accelaration is : a x 1/F, a x F2, a x F, a x 1/F2
The unit of tension is : Newton, Meter, Second, Kg
The value of tan 45° is : 0.866, 0.557, 0.707, 1
One mega watt is equal to : 10^3 W, 10^4 W, 10^5 W, 10^6 W
A ball is dropped at the top of the tower .The distance covered in first second is : 100 m, 50 m, 10 m, 5 m
Energy due to position of a body is called : Potential energy, Kinetic energy, Chemical energy, Electrical energy
First step in scientific method is : Law, Theory, Observation, Experiment
The scale for measuring tempature are : 3, 2, 1, 4
The unit of length in SI is called : cm, mm, dm, m
The unit of specific heat is : J kg-1 K^+1, J kg-1 K^-1, J kg-1 K, J-1 kg-1 K^+1
The ability of a body to do work is called : Power, Energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energy
The maximum Surface tension will be : 200° C, 100° C, 50° C, 10° C