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If fibrinogen is removed from the blood plasma,fluid left is : Tissue, Lymph, Serum, None Of These
Which of the following are nucleated cells ? Red blood cells, White blood cell , Platelets, None Of These
Flame cell / are present in ------ : Earthworm, Neries, Ascaris, Planaria
The depression in the centre of the concave side of the kidney is called : Ureter, Renal vein, Hilus, Loop of Henla
Which of the following is a joint disorder ? Osteoporosis, Ostearthritis, Hinge joint, Fracture
Which of the following is NOT concerned with the middle ear ? Incus, Succulus, Malleus, Stapes
In plants gametophytes produce eggs and sperms by : Mitosis, Meiosis, Spore formation, Fertilization
Pollen sacs contain ------ : Megaspores, Microspores, Microphyle, Ovule
Who transmits biological information ? Gene, Chromosome, Gamete, Nucleus
Who secretes human factor VIII in her milk ? Nancy, Ethel, Kajli, Neeli Ravi
A relationship between species in which both the species benefit is called : Commensalism, Symbiois, Mutualism, Parasitism
What is the cause of acid rain ? Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Carbon hydride, Sulphur dioxide