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What is density of hydrogen gas ? 0.60 gcm -3, 0.60 gcm -3, 0.0060 gcm -3, 60 gcm -3
For removal of permanent hardness of water is used to convert calcium ang magnesium ions into insoluble salt ? washing soda, Banking soda, Castic Soda, Lime stone
Which allotropic form of carbon is used to polish the hard surface ? Graphite, Carbon Black, Diamond, Charcoal
In all crystalline forms of silica every silicon atom is surrounded by ------ oxygen atom : 2, 4, 6, 8
Like carbon Nitrogen is also present in all living beings as constituent of ----------- : Carbohydrates, Fats, Hydrocarbons, Proteins
Which of the following gases is used as a cooling agent ? Ammonia gas, Nitrogen gas, Chlorine gas, None Of These
Which is the formula of rubidium super oxide ? RbO, RbO2, Rb2O3, Rb3O2
In Natural gas sulphur is found in the form of ----------- : Hydrogen Sulphate, Hydrogen Sulphite, Hydrogen Sulphide, Hydrogen Phosphate
H2SO4 react with formic acid to form water and ---------- : Co2, CO, H2, SO2
Chlorine gas react with carbon monoxide in the presence of sunlight to produce ----- : COCl2, COCl3, COCl, CO2Cl
Al2O3 is the formula of ------------- : Kaotfn, Diaspore, Cryolite, Corundum
Which year was the Vital Force theory put forward by Berzellius : 1828 AD, 1820 AD, 1815 AD, 1810 AD