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Device used for communicating the result of processing such as printer monitor etc are known as -------: CPU, Input device, OutPut device, Software
A set of instruction or statement to be carried out by computer CPU to solve a particular problem is known as a /an ---: Processor, Computer Architecture, ALU, Computer Program
layer of osi Model is connected with decide which physical pathway that data should take based on network condition priority of service etc : Network Layer, Data link, Presentation, Application
Set of rules or agreement between different parts of a network on how data is to be transmitted is called : Network Topology, Communication Protocol, Hub, None Of These
A ----- communication line is capable of transmitting data in only one direction : Duplex, Half duplex , Simplex , None Of These
The transmission method in which start and stop bits not required(before transmission of each character) is called : Synchronous transmission, ASynchronous transmission, Both A and B, None Of These
A mathemical descripation or model of real syatem in the form of a computer program is called : Printers, Microwaves, Simulation, None Of These
The Circuity that is used to perform operation such as addition subtraction inside a computer system is called : Control Unit, Registers, Cache, AlU
The branch of Law which protects creative work from unauthorized use by other people is known as ----- : Criminology, Copy right, Anthropology, None Of These
The feature of an operating system that allows a user to work in more then one program simultaneously is called : Process, Clipboard, Desktop, Multitasking
In Microsoft windows which shortcut is used to copy an item ? Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + E, Ctrl + X
Most websites and web pages on the internet are written using which language ? C++, COBOL, BASIC, HTML
Websites designed to help users seacrch for information on the web are known as ---- : Chat Rooms , Search Engines, Teleconference, Brower
Maintaining business relationship and selling and commodities by means of computer telecommunication is known as ---- : E-commerce, Simulation, Emulation, CAD
When the second part of an instruction code specific the address of an operand the Instruction is said to have a /an : Indirect address, Direct Address, Immediate operand, None Of These