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Upon what do the properties of an element in the periodic table depend ? Atomic size, Atomic mass, Electronic Configuration, Number of protons
Which is formed when Lithium is Heated in air : Li2O, Li3N, Li2O and Li3N, Li2O2 and Li 3 N
Laughting gas is chemically ----- : NO, N2O, NO2, N2O2
Lanthanides and actnides are also called ----- : Normal Element, Transition Element, Noble Gases, Inner transition Element
What is the name of reaction when C2H5ONa +C2H5i GIVES AN ETHER ? Hofmanns reaction, Williamsons reaction, Kolbes Synthesis, Wurtzs reaction
Preparation of Vegetable ghee involves : Halogenation, Hydrogenation, Hydroxylation, Dehydrogenation
Propane is a ketone which could be prepared by the action of potassium dichromate K2Cr2O7 on ----- : 1-Propanol, 2 -Propanol, Propanol, Propanic acid
When an unsymmetrical olefin like (CH3)2 CHCH=CH is hyrated with dil H2So4 th major product is ---- : 3- Methy - 1 - Butanol, 1- Methy - 2 - Butanol, 3- Methy - 2 - Butanol, 2- Methy - 2 - Butanol
Which compound will give a positive tollens test : Pentanoic acid, 2-Pentanone, Pentanal, 3-Pentanone
Amino acid are covalently bounded to each other through ------- : Hydrogen bonding, Disulifide Bridges, Peptide bonds, None Of These
Geometric Isomerism will be exhibited by ---- : 1-Pentene, 3-Methyl -1-butene, 2-Pentene, All of these
Which of the following is NOT a heterocycle compound : Furan, Thiophene, Pyridine, Aniline
Which sequence of steps is CORRECT for the manufacture of cement ? Mixing,heating,grinding,Crushing, Crushing,heating,Mixing,grinding, Crushing,Mixing,heating,grinding
Which of the following is NOT an effect of the acid rain ? It increasing the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, It leaching metals like aluminum mercury and