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Which key combination is used to RUN a program ? Alt + F9, Alt + F5, Ctrl + F9, Ctrl + S
The instuction that are given to the compiler before beginning of the actual program are ----- : C Statement, Linking instruction, Preprocessor Directives, C instruction
After evaluation of expression 5 % 2 the value is equal to ----- : 0, 1, 2, 4
Arithmetic operation cnnot be Performed on ----- : Interger Constant, Numeric Constant, String Constant, Floating Point Constant
The first character of variable name cannot be ------ : Digit, Under Score, Alphabets, Alphabetic character
Which of the following loops is always executed atleast once ? For loop, While loop, Do-while loop, Counter loop
Which of the following is used to write string to a file ? f print f (), Puts (), f Puts (), Print f
Which format spicifier is used to assign decimal integer ? % C, % s, % f, % d
The switch statement is very similar to the ----- : If Statement, Conditional operator, if-else statement, else if statement
All the information about one person or item is held in a----- : Field, File, Record, Database
Which of the following object is used to gat her selected information from a database : Form, Tables, Query, Reports
Which of the following field data type is NOT available is Access ? Memo, Name, Currency, Text
Which of the following is a diagrammatic way of representing the relationship between the entities in a database : DFD, Flowchart, DBMS, ERD
Each entity in a database must have a unique key field known as the ----- : Candidate key, Index key, Primary Key, Secondary key
The most common type of database management system available is ----- : Ms Excel, Relational database, Ms.word, PowerPoint