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Which of the following is NOT a semiconductor memory ? ROM, RAM, PROM, None Of These
What is called the brain of an electronic computer ? CPU, CU, ALU, ROM
Which year was the Vacuum tube invented ? 1899 AD, 1906 AD, 1916 AD, 1926 AD
A translator is a/an------------- : System software , High-level language, Hardware, None Of These
Spacebar on a keyboard is a part of ------- : Alph Numeric keypad, Numeric keypad, Function keys, Screen Navigation and Editing key
Which of the following is used to produce soft copy ? Laser printer, Plotter, CD-Writer, DOT-Matrix printer
What is the number of colours displayed by a CGA Monitor ? 4, 16, 64, 256
Which of the following is NOT a Signal user operating system ? MS DOS, PC DOS, DOS Shell, None Of These
Interpreter is a type of ------------- : System software , Service Software, Utility Software, Application Software
Which of the following is NOT an executable command ? CLS, REM, REN, COPY
A hard disk is also called a -------------- : Compact disk, Winchester disk, System disk, Change disk
Which was the first computer that used electromagnetic relays ? Mark-1, Complex calculator, SuperComputer, Mainframe