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what is the number of naturally occurring chemical element : 32, 92, 150, 102
Which of the following can be defined as the group of living organisms of the same species locatedf in the same place at the same time ? Species, Community, Population, Individuals
The non-protein part is covalently bonded to protein part of enzyme is known as : Apoenzyme, Holoenzyme, Prosthetic group, Co-enzyme
Which of the following cells secretes hydrochloric acid ? Mucose Cell, Zymogen Cells, Epithelial Cells, Oxyntic Cells
In which phylum has sexual phase NOT been observed ? Ascomycota, Deuteromycota, Basidiomycota, Zygomycota
Extreme changes in PH cause the bound in the enzyme to break ,result in the enzyme --------------- : Denaturation, Saturation, Competition, Inhibition
Shark liver oil is extracted and used in medicine as a source of Vitamin ------------- : B, A, D, A and D
Which metal atom is present in chlorophyll ? CU, FE, Mg, K
The role of Fungi in Mycorrhizae association is to -------------- : Produce necessary nutrients , Increase the absorpative surface of plant roots , Provide a substitute
Which structure does the following diagram represent ? Chromosome, Chromatide, Centrosome, Centromere
How many Capsomeres are present in the capsid of Herpes virus ? 152, 160, 162, 161
Which of the following is NOT globular protein ? Myosin, Haemoglobin, Antibodies, Hormones
Cell wall is secreted by the ------------------ : Nucleoplasm, Protoplasm, Centriole, Glyoxisomes
Which is NOT true for bryophytes ? Dwelling gametophyte plant, Presence of xylem and Phloem, Sporophyte dependent in gametophyte, All o
There is a rasping tongue-like structure in molluscs called ----------- : Radula, Blastula, Gastrula, Morula