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In ----- each network node is connected to a central device called a hub: Ring Topology, Bus Topology, Star Topology, Network Topology
EGA Stands for ----------- : Electrical Graphics Adaptor, Enhanced Graphics Adaptor, Electric Graphics Adaptor, Electrical Ground
Which layer of OSI Model furnishes electrical connections and sigbnaling ? Network Layer, Data-link layer, Physical layer, Presentation layer
In half -duplex mode data can be sent in ---------- : One direction, Both the directions, Multi direction, Uni-direction
The data communication speed is measured in a unit called : Band, Baud, Bit, Byte
Which register holder data address that refer to the data portion of memory ? Program Counter, Accumulator, Data Address Register, Instruction Register
The Address Bus is --------- : Uni-directional , Bi-directional, Multi direction, Tri- direction
E Commerce stands for : Enhanced - Commerce, Electrical - Commerce, Electronic - Commerce, None Of These
Which branch of law protect creative work from unauthorized used by other people : Criminology, Copy right, Anthropology, None Of These
Drug and drop technique allows us to ----- : Copy, Cut, Restore, None Of These
Which of the following is used for copying and moving files and floders ? Internet Explorer, Control Panel, Window Explorer, Window Accessories
A central feature of all word Processor is a feature known as -----: Word Wrap, Mail Merge, Bold/Italic, Header / footer
Window also has a mailing program called ----- : Email Utilities, Win Zip program, Navigator, Out look Express
The roots of internet can be traced back to the late --------- : 1970 S, 1960 S , 1985, 1994
The basic and most elementary form of information is called : DATA, TEXT, Voice, IMAGE