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The maximum speed of nerve impulse in human is : 100 m/s, 110 m/s, 120 m/s, 130 m/s
What are called the animals who lay shelled eggs to protected the developing embyo from harsh terrestrial condition ? Viviparous, Ovoviviparous, Oviparous, Methatherians
Every protein start with an amino acid methionine encoded by an inition coded -------- : UAA, UGA, AUG, UAG
The term niche was proosed in 1917 by joseph Grinell an americal : Embryologist, Ornithology, Ecologist, Physilogist
During which phase of meisis the non -sister chromosome exchnage their segments due to the formation of chiasmata ? Pachytene, Lepotene, Dipotene, Diakinesis
Which of the following is NOT a sex-linked diseased in humans ? Hypophosphatemia, Colour-Blindness, Sickle cell anemia, Haemophilia
When a haemophiliac carrier woman marries a normal man who among her offspring may be affected ? All her children, All her daughter, Half of her daughters, Half of sons
In anecosystem the second trophic level is constituted by the ---- : Producer, Decomposers, Primary consumers, Secondary consumers
The enzyme luciferase is produced by an insect commonly called : housefly, Butterfly, Firefly, Drogonfly
Both the parents have blood group AB. What is the probality of the children having blood group o ? 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 0
In the human liver ammonia and citrulline chemically combine together to form ----- : Ornithine, Creatinine, Creatine, Arginosuccinate
Which of the following is a degenerative disease ? Alzheimer, Arterioscelerosis, Cretinism, Kwashiorkor
Which phenomenon reduce the chances of genetic recombination and Variation among offspring ? Linkage, Cross over, Independent assortment, Dominance
Photonasty and thermonasty are the type of ---- : Haptonasty, Hyponasty, Nyctinasty, Epinasty
psc 101 has antibiotic resistce gene for ------ : Tetracycline, Ampicillin, Streptomycine, Penicillin
In limnetic zone ,phytoplankton includes ----- : Algae, Bacteria, Mosses, Cyanobacteria