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Which of the following oxides is most acidic ? CO2, Al2o3, B2O3, Cl2o2
Chemical formula of plaster of paris is ------ : CaSO4.1/2H2O , (caSo4)2.H2O, CaSo4.2H2o, Both A and B
Orthoboric acid H3BO3 when heated to red hot gives ----- : HBO2, H2B4O7, B2O3, H6B4O9
Salts of HClo4 are Known as ---- : Hypochlorite, Perchlorate, Chlorite, Chlorate
Oxidation state of state of Co in [co(NH3)4]Cl2 is ----- : Pluse 3, Pluse 1, Pluse 2, minus 2
Increasing order of electrnegative is ---- : CL<S<P, S<CL<P, P<S<CL, S<P<CL
When CO2 is bubbled through an aqueous suspension of CaCo3 the product formed is : Ca(OH)2, Ca(HCO3)2, H2Co3, H2O
Which of the following pair of substance is Isomers ? Ethyl benzene and 3 3-dimethyl pentane, Cyclopentanol and 2- Pentanone, 2- Pentanol and 3 -Methanone
When ethyl iodide react with sodium Methoxide,it gives ------ : Methyl ethyl ether, Diethyl ether, Ethanol, Sodium Ethoxide
Acetone undergoes reduction with zinc amalgam in HCI to from propane .this is known as -----: Clemmensen reduction, Wolf Kishner reduction, Aldol Condensation, Hydrogenation
Which of the following is an addition polymer ? Polystyrene, Polyester, Epoxyresins, Bakellite
Which of the following primary alcohcols will gives Iodoform test ? Ethanol, Methanol, 1-Propanol, 2 -Propanol
Which is the following is NOT present in RNA Uracil, Phosphate, Thymine, Ribose
Which of the following contains of oxygen as hetero atom ? Furan, Pyrrole, Thiophene, Pyridine
Kolbes electrolysis of sodium n- butyrate ( CH3 CH2 CH2 COONa ) give ------ : C8 H16, C6H14, C8H18, C6H12
Acetic acid undergoes reduction with LiAlH4 to give ------ : Ethanol, Ethane, Ethanal, Ethyne