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What does IDE stand for ? Integrated Development Environment , Integrated Dual Environment , Inter Development Environment ,
The result of 17 % 3 is ------ : 2, 3, 4, 5
The equivalent statement of sum = sum - num is ---------- : Sum = -num, Sum = num-, Sum - = num, Sum = --num
Which of the following data type can store up to 255 characters only ? Number, Memo, Date/Time, Text
To write a signal character to a file which of the following function will be used ? Putc, Puts, Getc, gets
A collection of data containing information about a particular entity stored in an efficient and compact manner is called : DBMS, Data, Record, None Of These
What do the C statement end with ? Comma, Colon, Semi colon, Full stop
Which part of C will signal an error message if there is no main ( ) function in program ? Editor, Compiler, Linked, PreProcessor
Which statement is most helpful when we have more the two action to be taken based on different condition ? If Statement, Else if Statement, Switch Statement, None Of These
Which of the following object is used to gather selected information from a database : Form, Query, Tables, Reports
Which of the following is NOT a valid function declaration ? int avg3 ( int a , int b, int c), int 3 avg (int a , intb, int C), int avg 3 (int ,int , int ), in
The getche ( ) is defined in the following liabary file ----- : Stdio.h, Conio.h, String.h, math.h
On sucessfully closing File fclose() returns ------- : NULL, ZERO, ONE, File pointer
What is diagrammatic way of represent the relationship between the entities in a database ? Flowchart, ERD, DFD, algorithm
should be matched to the type of variable you want to print or read : Variable type, Variable Name, Format Specificifier, Escape sequence