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Who wrote the book Al-Haywan ? Waseem Akhter, Al Habib, rony , Jabir bin hayan
The hypotheses that stand the test of time are called : Theories , hythosic, Experiment, Decision
The Eukaryotic multicellular heterotrophic organism having chitin cell well are placed in kingdom : Fungi, Alkenes, fungus, decision
Ground tissues are made up of ----------------- : Photosynthesis, Parenchyma cells, None of These, Read
Which is the main compound of prokaryotic cell wall ? Peptidoglycan, Peopin, None of These, Phylum
The process by which small molecules are forced to move across semi-permeable membrane with aid of water or blood pressure is called : File , Filazition, Filtration, Fineized
In which phase of cell cycle do the chromosome duplicate ? S, D, G, T
If organic co-factor are tightly bound to enzyme they are called ……………….. : Prophase, Protein Synthesis, Prosthetic groups, Phylum
In the process of Glycolysis Glucose is broken into : Pyruvic Acid +ATP + NADH, Filazition, None of These, T
Which Vitamin causes loss of appetite and liver problem when taken in access ? Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D
Which of the following is not involved in Transpirational pull : Phloem Vessels, Xylem, Vessels , Phylum
Which nutrient play an important role in opening and closing of stomata in Plant ? Potassium, chloride, Nitrogen, xylem