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The glottis is guarded by a flap of tissue called : Epiglottis
Which of the following organs is responsible for excretion in human body ? Kidney, Liver, Teeth, organ
Which part of the brain contain sensory area that recive impulses from skin ? Parietal lobe
Which of the following are NOT hormones ? Pepsinogen
How many bones are present in human vertebal column ? 33, 44, 55, 66
The horizontal underground stems with scale leaves are called : Rhizomes
Testes are located in a bag of skin called ------- : Scrotum
The positions of genes on chromosomes are known as -------- : Loci
The trait of flower colour in four -O-clock plant is an example of --------- : Incomplete Dominance
Which of the following organisms are predators ? Ectoparasites
The vector DNA and the attached gene of interest are collectively called : Recombinant DNA
The drugs which reduce pain are called --------- : Analgesics