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Which of the following is metal hydride ? LiH, PH3, NH3, H2S
In which of the following compound does Hydrogen Not Have + 1 Oxidation state ? NH3, PH3, NAH, H2O
Which of the following do the Soda water drinks contains ? Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide
By what process can water glass be convert into Silica gel ? Extraction, Sublimation, Acidification, Dehydration
BaO2 is the formula of ---------- : Barium Peroxide, Barium Superoxide, Barium Oxide, Barium Dioxide
Which is the chemical produced when Ammonia and Carbon dioxide react at high temperature and high pressure : Carbonic acid, Nitric acid, Urea, Calcium
What is the formula of Oleum ? H2O3, H2(SO4)3, H2S2O7, H4(SO2)3
in which form does the Natural gas contain Sulphur ? ZnS, HgS, H2S, BaSO4
What Percentage of potassium iodide is mixed with Common salt to obtain iodide salt : 0.02 % By weight, 0.03 % By weight, 0.02 % by Volume, 0.03 % by Volume
Which of the following is used as cathode during electrical refining of Blistered Copper ? Graphite, Pure copper, Chromium, Blistered Copper
Which of the following is known as chloroform ? CCl4, CHCL3, CH2Cl2, Ch3Cl
is added to the pigments to increase their durability : Naphtha, Chaina clay, Tung oil, Benzene