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What is the base of octal number system : 8, 6, 4, 5
What is the identity element with respect to OR logical operation : 0, 1, 2, 3
In Boolean Algebra AND operation represent logical -------- : Complementation , Negation, Addition, Multiplaication
In programming what is called the process of detected locating and correct errors ? Bebugging, Running , Stop, Phase
In which of the following flowchart symbol is the statement IS X >Y placed ? Reactangle, Diamond, Square, None Of These
In Basic which of the following commands is used to delete a file from hard disk ? Del, Crlt, Alt, undo
Which of the following statement transfers control unconditionally ? GOTO, For…NEXT, If Then, ON GOTO
What is the output of the following statement 10 PRINT ABS (-25 +10) Minus 25, minus 15, minus 10, 15
What is the loop within another loop called ? Nested loop, if else, If, If then
What Is called the collection of subscripation variables of certain type placed contiguously in the memory of a computer : A variable, A constant, A block, An array
In basic which statement is used to read value in a variables during program execution ? Input, If, Print, Read
In BASIC which statement is used to output the information to the file ? READ, WRITE, PRINT, OUTPUT