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Which scientist first developed the technique of vaccination in 1796 AD ? Robert Brown, Edard jenner, Emil Fischer, Kosh Cant
Glycosidic bond is covalent bond and is formed between two ------------ : Disccharides, Monosaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides
Which term we will use the two amino acids join each other ? Monopeptide, Dipeptide, Tripeptide, Tetra Peptide
The presence of nucleus in the cell was reported by : T.Schwann, Louis Pasteur, Robert Brown, Rudolph Virchow
Which part of the cell is formed on the inner surface of plants cell at the end ? Primary cell wall, Middle Lamella, Secondary cell wall, All of these
The biological name of onion is ---------- : Solanum tubersom, Allium cepa, Acssia fistula, Lycopersium esulentum
The agent responsible for rabies is -------------- : Rabid dogs, Foxes, Cats, All of these
The smallest bacterium for example some membrane of genus Mycoplasma are about ------- in diameter : 50 to 100 nm, 100 to 150 nm, 50 to 150 nm, 100 to 200 nm
The cell wall of each diatom consists of --------- : Signal shell, two shell, Four shell, Six shell
Malus (apple) belong to family -------- : Solanaceae, Rosacease, Febaceae, Poaceae
Liver flukes and tape worms belongs to phylum ------------- : Porifera, Platyhelminthes, Coelentrate, Annelida
In which process/processes is the stored energy in carbohydrates released ? Photosynthesis, Glycolysis, Respiration, Glycolysis and respiration
The molecular formula for chlorophyll a is -------------- : C55H70O6N4Mg, C55H74O6N4Mg, C55H72O5N4Mg, C55H72O4N5Mg
Parotide gland is found in ---------------- : Stomach, Mouth, Intestine, Esophagus
The Mucose of the stomach possesses --------cell : Mucose, Parietal, Zymogen, All of these
Which part of the human lungs lacks cartilages : Trachea, Bronchi, Bronchioles, All of these
The Anti-serum is a serum containing ---------------- : Atnibiotics, Antibodies, Antigens, Anti-Rh factor